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Burosan Office Furniture

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Bürosan that was founded 37 years ago with target of being a world mark has took place in the global market with a well-deserved status through brave investments that it performed in direction of this target and through the sense of production and service quality above the present standards.

Although the enormous global turmoil and economical constriction Bürosan ventured to perform important and hard jobs in the native country and at abroad and became builder of many great projects. Thus, has become one of the important dynamics of the country economy and served as a model for many firms. It won a general approval through the substantial employments.

With the investments in Research-Development and technology Bürosan has become one of the significant firms that specify the world standards. Bürosan contributing to the country economy through its export revenues and the paid taxes achieved to be a firm that is continuously developing and enlarging. Bürosan has been successfully continuing its roles in the country economy as well as taking place in many formations and activities directed to the social responsibilities.

Bürosan contributing to the education, art, and environment achieved to take place in the appreciated firms both in Turkey and other countries where it continues economical activities.

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