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Earthstaff is a company registered with the Ministry of Natural Resources and is one of the few recruitment consultancies in the world who has a physical presence in the city of Erbil and the Kurdistan region as a whole.

We are already partnering with 14 operators in the region as well as a number of major service operators, working on their recruitment strategies. We have over 40 contractors currently working in a variety of roles for companies of all sizes and continue to provide a degree of flexibility and insight that is unique in the region. Our expertise lies in the fact that we have a knowledge of the entire Middle East region and are able to identify the talent that is the most difficult to source. The geological landscape of Kurdistan is a challenging one and Earthstaff has a long-standing global talent network with professionals who have experience in similar environments (the Alberta foothills for example). This means we are able to put you in contact with people who can add value to your operations from day one and allows us to forward plan your recruitment strategies as well as react to any urgent needs you may have.

Our address

Gulan Street
36.2015157, 43.981314800000064

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